Friday, August 22, 2008


Rosenfelder Family:

The other day I was driving in my jeep. I got to thinking, the first time I ever road in a jeep was with Jack Rosenfelder. So I thought about that. Funny, the first time I ever went in a canoe was with Jack Rosenfelder. I really like canoes. In fact, that was the first time I ever went to the canal at Wyanet. There was Jack Rosenfelder's Jeep and his canoe. The first time I ever went to Lock 3 or 4 or was it 5?, we went with Jack Rosenfelder. I think the first time I ever went for catfish we were with Jack Rosenfelder. Shoot, the first time I went ice fishing Jack Rosenfelder came along. We went on our first fishing trip to Minnesota. Jack Rosenfelder was already there waiting.

I asked my Dad, "Where ya going?"
He answered,
"Crazy, wanna come along?"
I wasn't sure yet.
I said,
"Who ya going with?"
He said,
"Joe Sha-bot-nik."
I wondered why they needed worms.

Turned out going crazy was probably going fishing and Joe Shabotnik was usually Jack Rosenfelder.

Years ago I heard this lady speak about having a vision of heaven. My mom told me a similar story. Mom was on the operating table and had a vision of going through the tunnel of light but didn't want to leave the kids behind. This lady talked about Jesus showing her this room in heaven. There were shelves to the ceiling filled with books. The angels were sitting at a desk with little bottles. recording all our tears. I had never heard of that, but a few years later I found the scripture.

Psalm 56:8 You number and record my wanderings; put my tears into your bottle - are they not in your book?

Our sympathy,
Dave & Cindy & Family

My dad, Jack Rosenfelder, passed away July 18, 2008. We received this note from the son of one of dad's closest friends.