Sunday, May 24, 2009

Absolute Value 2

Reflecting on a previous post, "Absolute Value", I hadn't fully resolved the issue of zero.

Briefly, the parallel I drew between absolute value and life circumstances, whether positive or negative, good or evil, in light or in darkness, have directly resulted in my spiritual growth. Gain and loss have equally contributed in helping me to understand spiritual truth.

But I wasn't completely settled on the value of zero. Zero is the center point on a number line; the point from which all measurement begins. It has no measurable value and yet is necessary because without it there is no foundation from which to begin placing value. But comparing zero to God seemed like a contradiction because His value is without limits - immeasurable actually.

Until it occurred to me that zero represents God's humility, His willingness to be nothing in order that we may be something.

Zero is the heart of a good servant.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


I recently heard of a young person's death from a drug overdose. I thought about the life of an addict; in and out of trouble with the law, moments of desperation and inadequacy, hopelessness.

Sadly, this young life and early death is not unique in a world where addiction is prevalent. I wondered about the redeeming qualities of a life so spent. Perhaps the weak according to this world have a direct purpose in sanctifying the lives they touch. Maybe they carry a greater burden for others than we realize.

I believe God could ordain a life on which the world places diminished value and use that life to cause others to draw closer to Him. That He works through such a one as this to mold patience and unconditional love into the hearts of those touched by the addicted. That He uses the very conditions of an addict's life to cause loved ones to cry out to Him. To seek Him. That no matter how someone's life appears on the outside, God sees the heart.

Perhaps this is not a wasted life at all.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Today the phone rang and my heart ached.

It wouldn't be Alan calling.