Saturday, October 18, 2008


For the past 3 years, there has been a group of women, and an occasional gentleman, gathering weekly at our local library annex to knit, crochet, or do needlework. On average, 5-20 women show up every Saturday afternoon for 2 hours of crafting and fellowship.

The women are generous with their time and commitment to others. Help with the craft is freely exchanged as the need arises. New visitors are welcome. Books, patterns, and techniques are discussed. Laughter is always part of the mix. There is warmth in the smiles of friendly, familiar faces.

The brief time they spend together is a little oasis in the midst of their weekly lives and daily responsibilities. It is time they take for themselves, pursuing their craft, without distraction. Like an extended family, they have come to know each other well. As family and friends do, they see each other through good and through difficult times.

In times of illness and personal loss, moments of joy and celebration, uncertainty and concern, faithfully, they come to the table. Like working through a challenging pattern, navigating this life can be challenging. If a problem arises, the women work together for solutions, offering each other their unique perspectives in a show of support.

The women give generously of their time and attention, to each other and to the community beyond. Many items have been made and donated to worthy causes in our community and throughout the world. There is so much more than crafting happening every week during this brief time of respite.

Recently, the women were informed, that after three years, their group no longer fell under the umbrella of "library sponsored program." In short, they were banished from the library annex by the library director. An attempt to appeal to the board of directors fell on deaf ears.

The loss reverberated in the hearts of the women. Where to go from here?

Enter the kindness and generosity of the local newspaper. Having covered the proceedings of the library's board meeting, the news reporter, and subsequently the staff, were aware of the board's decision. An editor called one of the women the very next day and offered the newspaper's conference room, "indefinitely and free of charge" !!

Completely unsolicited, an answer comes from an unexpected source, who requires nothing in return - no umbrella of policy or tax increase - just a willingness and means to meet a need. That's generosity. That's community.

Our collective, hand-crafted hats are off to the staff of "The Times". Thank you.

Most appreciatively,

The Loop Group