Sunday, January 27, 2008

Perfect Love

One moment changed my perspective of life. In that moment, peace, well-being, incredible love enveloped me. Like many things that cannot be communicated but must be experienced, this was such an event.

In one stride, my perception forever altered. There was an awareness, a presence of something apart from myself and the most perfect expression of love I have ever known. An ordinary day, I hadn’t been seeking anything spiritual or praying or asking God for anything. I simply walked from one room to another…and voila`.

When immersed in this presence, I felt as if my soul was suddenly drenched in perfect love. Imagine being submerged in a swimming pool, the water refreshing and cleansing. You are aware of its buoyancy, texture, and engulfing presence. It was like that but the sensation was within. I have never experienced anything like it before or since. Nothing was required of me. It was matter-of-fact, tranquil and familiar, a state of being in which I completely relaxed and breathed.

All tension, anxiousness, distractions of the day and life, floated away. I recalled an event that was hurtful to me many years ago and in that state of being, it no longer hurt. When I say there was no longer judgment from me toward the one who hurt me, I mean there was nothing. The pain was gone and didn't cling to the offender either. It was as if the transgression had never occurred.

In an unexpected moment, I had first hand experience that in Him there is no judgment. I was aware that my sinful nature does not affect His love for me and that His love surpasses anything I or anyone else could do. Like calming the raging storm, judgment literally dissipates in the presence of Perfect Love - gone with no effort or lasting effects whatsoever.

It’s been a while since that day. Though my desire was to remain in that pool of bliss, life quickly returned to normal. I don’t strive to recreate the event but sometimes when I get frustrated with myself, others, or circumstances, I know that in His presence perfect love reigns. I am comforted by that knowledge, but there is nothing that compares to experiencing the reality of His presence and love.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


My grandaughter Breya, age 2 1/2, came into the family room carrying a picture of Jesus nailed to the cross. His face is turned upward, blood from the crown of thorns coursing down his cheek, his right hand impaled by a nail, one of three holding him to the cross.

Breya sidles up to me stating in a somber but matter-of-fact voice, "He's broken. We need to fix him."

Touched by her compassion, I inquire, "Who does sweetheart?"


"Everyone needs to fix him?"

"Mm hmm." (meaning yes)

"He's better now," I responded.

"No he's not. Everyone needs to fix him."

Friday, January 11, 2008

Lighten Up

I happened to be organizing my stash of yarn when my cell phone rang. Glancing at the caller ID, I saw my friend Pat's name.

"Happy New Year, Pat!" I grinned as I answered the phone. "You'll never guess what I'm doing. Putting my yarn into bins to display in my room. Inspiration, you know."

I was pleasantly surprised at her call. Her upbeat voice was welcoming. "I just talked to Ann. We decided two weeks is too long to wait. We're meeting Thursday at Jeremiah Joe's. I'll call the others. See you there."

We hung up, both anticipating our upcoming knitting session. Normally, we meet on Tuesday mornings at the coffee shop and Saturday afternoons at the library. With the holidays though, we were missing two weeks of our routine - some might say therapy. The unexpected call brightened my day.

So many paths to love and friendship. Groups of women gather through a common love of fiber and craft. Conversations flow as freely as the yarn through our hands and needles, sometimes practical, at other times philosophical, and often downright hysterical.

We knit our way into a sisterhood of the heart sharing each other's joys and concerns. We encourage and help each other with challenging patterns and with life's challenges.

And whenever we get together, it is always cause to lighten up!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


My first post is dedicated to our daughter Sarah as it was her encouragement that set me on this path of blogging.


There's a degree of comfort in knowing that my impressions aren't always accurate and that I can wait on the Lord to guide our steps.

Paul says in Ephesians 5:15Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, 16making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.

Recently, our daughter Sarah, with her husband and family, celebrated her conversion to Judaism at KAM Isaiah Israel Synagogue in Chicago. Her daughter Simone's Hebrew baby naming was held the same evening. The ceremony was very joyful and loving as Sarah and Simone were welcomed into the congregation.

It was my first visit to a Jewish Synagogue. Before the event, I felt apprehensive not knowing what to expect. In spite of the doubt, I also felt encouraged to trust the Lord for our daughter's faith. I decided to focus on the trust and let go of the worry. Peace enveloped me. It was the right choice.

When Sarah began her path of conversion, it felt like a rejection of our Christian faith and traditions. As her family, we were presented with opportunities for acceptance or rejection, love or judgment. The experience of her conversion has caused all of her family to stretch in our understanding of what it means to love and what love requires of those who seek it.

Yes, the days are evil, as Paul stated, and I don't always make the most of every opportunity by wisely choosing the path of love and acceptance. But I thank God for His Holy Spirit who comforts me in moments of uncertainty.

I am happy to say that my initial impressions of doubt were wrong and I left the Synagogue that night with a heart filled with joy for the love of God and family. It was a blessing to share in the intimacy of Sarah and Simone's special day.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


My purpose in starting a blog is to share inspirational ideas and experiences discovered in daily life. Since 2001, a group of friends and I have been e-mailing, sharing ideas of God and spirituality. This blog is the next step in sharing.

My intention is only to share ideas, not to convince anyone to accept my beliefs.

Welcome to my blog!